Simple Fundraising Ideas

Written by Samuel Wong
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You would be surprised by the many simple fundraising ideas that are available. You may remember selling lemonade on your street corner when you were a kid. In essence, this was probably your first exposure to one of the most common fundraising practices.

Times have changed and instead of saving up for the doll or toy you wanted when you were younger, fundraising efforts take a whole new role. Simple fundraising ideas that include magazine or candy sales help elementary school children raise money for a specific goal. Many are able to use the funds from these relatively simple fundraising ideas to pay for a camping trip or new uniforms.

Simple Fundraising Ideas for Every Cause

There are also simple fundraising ideas that are common in the adult world. These are often employed to help accomplish a larger goal, such as a donation on behalf of a group for a medical purpose. Many accomplish fundraising solely through the receipt of donations from friends and families sharing the same interest in a cause.

Additional simple fundraising ideas include outsourcing your fundraising efforts, bake sales, office pool competitions, and friendly wagers, to which a good cause benefits. Usually the need dictates the appropriate fundraising effort. Your best bet is to see what others with the same or similar goals are doing to accomplish their fundraising goals.

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