Successful School Fundraiser Ideas

Written by Samuel Wong
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There are countless books and websites claiming to be full of successful school fundraiser ideas. Sometimes teachers or principals will shell out large sums of money to attend fundraising seminars. The majority of the time, the only company who benefits from these programs is the one hosting the event.

One of the easiest ways to find successful school fundraiser ideas is to ask your team members or students what fundraisers they believe will be successful. For high school students, selling coupons to their favorite fast food restaurants is seen as a great fundraiser idea. For parent advisory groups, bazaars or rummage sales may work best for their cause.

Formulating Successful School Fundraiser Ideas

Successful school fundraiser ideas can be found at local restaurants and retailers. Many big-name restaurants will set aside an evening where a percentage of the sales are donated to your school. Other retailers will donate a portion of purchases made with credit cards to your school or a school of the customer's choice.

Another way to discover successful school fundraiser ideas is to ask around. Your school's football team may hold nothing but contempt for the school across town, but speaking with other faculty members could help you decide which fundraising program will work best for your school. All that's needed is a little bit of creative thinking and idea sharing and you'll be on your way to fundraising success.

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