Ad Designing

Written by Charles Peacock
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A lot of people would argue that advertising isn't art. When you consider the fact that the ad industry employs some of the world's most creative people, however, it's hard to say that what they're doing isn't art. Just because something is made for commercial purposes doesn't mean that it is not beautiful, creative and artistic.

The Art Behind Ad Design

In the early days of advertising, selling a product usually meant nothing more than sprucing up a few lines of information with elaborate borders and fonts. Even in those early days, however, the artistic craftsmanship behind advertisements was readily apparent. Beautiful art draws the eye in, and so it was that advertisers used artist from the very beginning.

As art has progressed, so has the look and complexity of advertisements. By the turn of the 20th century, ad designers were using paintings that had only tangential relationships to the products being sold. It was enough to simply evoke the spirit of what was being sold, whether it was a product, a service or an event.

Ads have certainly progressed quite a bit since the early days, but they remain (in many cases) deeply artistic in nature. It is for this very reason that people clamor to watch the ads during the Super Bowl. Regardless of the product being sold, these commercials are extremely creative and entertaining and have to be considered artistic.

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