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Written by Charles Peacock
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Ah, if we could only return to the first days of the Internet, when our browsing and email reading was carefree and uninterrupted by annoyances like spam email and pop-up ads. Alas, nothing really good comes without a price, and it's a frank reality that much of the Internet is financed by various types of advertising. One of the things that makes the Internet so vibrant (and so viable) is that it is supported by the advertising dollars of so many companies.

Choosing and Designing Online Ads

There are many different types of online ads available for your marketing campaigns, and they generally range from annoying (and ineffective) forms like spam to perfectly respectable (and effective) forms like banner ads. Banner ads were one of the first types of ads to show up on web pages. As a result, most people are used to banner ads and don't typically find them to be intrusive.

In fact, banner ads are one of the least intrusive types of Internet ads. They are far less irritating than pop-up ads, because they simply sit in place on a web page and they don't force people to look at them (and close them if they are uninterested in what is for sale). They are discreet, effective, and are a much better choice if you want to build trust with your customers.

The best way to go about designing a banner ad campaign is to place your ads on websites that are commonly viewed by people you would consider to be target customers. If you are selling carpeting, for instance, it would be a great idea to advertise on a home improvement website. At the same time, you should also make sure you are ready to sell your products nationally (and even internationally) if the pages you are advertising on have that type of reach.

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