Bar Ads

Written by Charles Peacock
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Advertisements are everywhere we go, and the local watering hole is no longer an exception. Marketers have become increasingly creative in recent years in squeezing ads into every little corner of our lives. In many cases these ads can feel annoying and intrusive, but for some reason they seem to work well in bars and clubs.

Perhaps the reason people don't mind advertisements in bars is that the scene is often so image-conscious. Promoting popular brands in a bar can even be a way to make the bar feel "cooler" (this is the reason most bars walls are covered with various beer and alcohol advertisements). Bars are a peculiar place where you can sell products while simultaneously reinforcing certain images or lifestyles.

Varieties of Bar Ads

The most common type of bar ad is the one mentioned above: the beer or liquor ad. Most of these ads are actually given out for free by the manufacturer or distributor, and are happily nailed up all over the bar's walls. Cigarette ads are also quite common in bars and clubs, depending on the law in your particular area.

A very popular (and relatively new) type of bar ad is the "bathroom ad." These are poster-sized ads for any type of product that matches the bar's demographic, and they are hung either in the bathroom or in the hallway leading to the bathroom (where people are often forced to stand and wait with nothing interesting to look at). A particularly creative place for ads is above men's urinals: they tend to get more undivided attention than many other types of advertisements.

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