Book Design

Written by Charles Peacock
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Anyone who loves books knows how important design is to any good edition. We'd all love to think that the only important thing is what's inside the book, but if you want to attract people to pick your book off the store shelf, you have to make it look nice. Enlisting a professional designer with experience in book design is a requisite before sending anything to publication.

Making Your Book Attractive

Whether you're publishing a book in hardback or paperback, it's important to have a great cover. The cover of your book is a potential reader's introduction to the book itself, and as hard as it is to imaging encapsulating the essence of your book in one image, it's something that you need to do successfully. The good news is, even if you have no idea what the cover should look like, a professional designer will be ready with some great suggestions.

Once you've gotten past cover design, it's still necessary to think about things like interior layout and interior jacket design. These elements give the book its overall feel, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Most people don't realize that publishers put a lot of thought into the font used in each and every one of their editions, but in fact a lot of time goes into matching the right font with the book's content.

If you have a book that is already in publication and isn't selling well, it might be worthwhile to consider redesigning the entire package. Most books that go through several printings evolve along the way, eventually landing on a design that is attractive and that perfectly suits the subject matter. A good way to avoid having to change your design multiple times is to try out a few different designs before you go print, taking time to decide on which you and your colleagues think is the right fit.

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