Brand Identity

Written by Charles Peacock
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It's a sign of the consumer culture that we live in that many people actually recognize the term "brand identity." We are so used to selling (and being sold to) that the lingo of advertisers has made its way into our everyday lives. That said, brand identity is an important term to know, particularly if you spend a significant amount of your time on the selling side of the fence.

Achieving Brand Identity

Brand identity is actually a rather simple concept, referring to the overall perception of your company and its products in the marketplace. While easy to understand, brand identity is not always easy to achieve. In fact it requires quite a bit of diligence, mixed with a substantial advertising and marketing budget.

Of course, there are many different levels of achieving brand identity. Few individuals or companies will be able to reach the status of a McDonalds or Microsoft, but it still is possible to achieve brand identity on a smaller scale. For instance, local merchants and craftsmen can really improve their business by generating a strong brand identity in the local community.

The best way to achieve good brand identity is through consistency of message. This means that you need a strong, consist design to your products and advertisements, and that your name should be seen frequently enough that people can remember you. If you're unsure of how to achieve the level or brand identity that your company needs, the best thing to do is consult with a professional design or advertising firm.

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