Business Card Design

Written by Charles Peacock
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It's interesting that we're living in the age of the Internet, and yet business cards remain a crucial sales tool for any company or sales person. There's something about having a tangible little card with someone's name and phone number on it that makes it easier to remember them, and easier to find them when you're interested in their services. If you're in the market for new business cards, you'll be pleased to learn that there are some wonderful possibilities out there waiting for you.

Choosing Business Cards

If you already have a logo or a specific image in mind, getting business cards made usually means nothing more than choosing the stock and color paper you'd like to use. And there are certainly quite a few choices out there--a quick check with one business card manufacturer reveals dozens of different kinds of paper stock. This isn't a choice to be taken lightly, however: the look and feel of your business cards can go a long way towards impressing potential customers.

If you don't already have a design in mind for your business cards, you can always hire a professional designer to come up with something original for you. They'll be able to create a new logo for your business if you don't already have one. They can also make recommendations for an overall design that fits your specific type of business.

For those interested in something truly unique, there are some neat techno-business cards out there that are good for impressing people. For instance, you can get tiny CD-ROMS made that are basically the size of a business card. They can be inserted in someone's computer, and can contain all sorts of information about your company. They have enough room on them to hold virtual portfolios and even product catalogs.

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