Calendar Designs

Written by Charles Peacock
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Getting creative with your advertising is a great way to build business. People love freebies, and putting your company logo on something they'll want to keep and use is a fantastically effective way of building a brand identity and keeping yourself in the forefront of your customers' minds. One idea I've always loved is the custom calendar given out by a local business (perhaps because I'm a sucker for free calendars and always use them).

Custom Calendars for Your Business

Getting a custom calendar made used to be a rather expensive proposition, since design and printing equipment used to cost quite a bit more than it does today. These days, computer-aided design and printing techniques have even made it possible to make a calendar quite cheaply--you can even do it yourself. If you want to mass-produce calendars, however, the best thing to do is go with a design shop and a printer.

The main decision when making a calendar is what type of images you're going to include on each page. It's always tempting to go with something that matches your business thematically, but if you're in the printed circuit board business it's unlikely that anybody will want to look at a picture of a circuit board for an entire month. Choosing generic (yet attractive) pictures is usually the best way to ensure that people will actually hang the calendars on the wall--ensuring yourself vital advertising space.

Of course, when you design your calendar it's important to feature your company's name and contact information prominently. This will help remind potential customers where their nice free calendar came from and will (hopefully) keep them coming back to your shop.

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