Cd Sleeves

Written by Charles Peacock
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Packaging is an incredibly important factor in selling any product, and music CDs are no exception. The music-buying public has come to expect some sort of artistic product along with their CD purchases, perhaps because vinyl album covers and inserts in the past set the bar so high. If you're getting ready to put out a CD, it's worthwhile to put some serious thought into your CD design.

Varieties of CD Artwork

There are several different places on a CD package where you can fit information or artwork. There is the CD itself, the front and back case inserts, and an optional CD sleeve. CD sleeves are basically thin cardboard boxes that the plastic CD case fits inside of.

CD sleeves are obviously an added expense that isn't entirely necessary, but they definitely have a way of setting your CD apart from the others on the store shelf. From a consumer perspective, there's always a bit of extra joy when you buy a CD that comes in an attractive CD sleeve. You feel like you're getting more value for your dollar, and there is more packaging and artwork for you to enjoy.

CD sleeves can be as simple as a four-sided sleeve that is open on either end. They can also be designed in a more complex manner, with an opening front cover for example. This latter form gives you more space for including artwork or information about the band.

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