Flier Design

Written by Charles Peacock
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Even in an age where people are constantly bombarded with all sorts of digital and traditional media and advertisements, fliers can still be a great way to promote your product or event. The best thing about fliers is that they are designed to be taken with you. This means that a person isn't forced to remember certain details or dates if they are interested in considering what you are selling at a later date.

Fliers: Uses and Designs

Fliers are extremely popular for promoting special events for the reason mentioned above: they make it easier for people to remember when the event is taking place. Fliers that are small enough to be folded up and fit into a pocket are incredibly useful if you include all the pertinent information, like date, time and methods for purchasing tickets. Ideally, all event fliers should be attractive enough that people consider them a little piece of art; this increases the chances that they're going to take one with them.

Fliers can also be helpful for people selling products out in the field. Whether you're vending your wares at a trade show or an outdoor market, a stack of fliers can help you communicate product information to your customers without saying a thing. This is especially helpful if you are on your own, or if you are dealing with people who would rather read about your product than listen to a salesman give his pitch.

Regardless of what you're going to use them for, design is a key element of flier production. Inevitably, you'll be faced with choices between information and elements that are simply intended to be visually pleasing. The best fliers present a perfect synthesis between these two elements: they are great to look at and also very informative.

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