Restaurant Ads

Written by Charles Peacock
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In an ideal world, restaurateurs would need to do nothing more than cook delicious food and wait for word-of-mouth to bring them gads of new customers. This can work--particularly in small areas without a lot of new restaurants--but in most cases new restaurants should be use some form of print advertising to get their name out there. If you don't have much of an advertising budget there is no need to fear: you can still find effective and affordable ways of advertising your restaurant.

Designing and Placing Restaurant Ads

Design is particularly important for restaurant ads; since you don't have a physical product to show off, you need to find some other way to communicate what your restaurant (and your food) is like. The most basic approach is to show photographs of your place--and perhaps even your best dishes. In too many cases, however, these photographs don't do your restaurant justice: they look flat, boring and unattractive compared with the actual ambiance of your restaurant.

For this reason, it's usually a better idea to go with a design that is a bit less literal and a bit more conceptual. Attractive fonts, images and designs can in many cases more effectively represent the spirit of your restaurant than plain photographs. That said, you might also want to consider combining photographs with other types of design. This can give you the best of both worlds.

Only the truly chic can get away with advertising nothing more than the restaurant's name. If you are angling for this type of reputation (and feel you can back it up) this might be the route that you decide to take. In other cases, including information about your restaurant (a menu list or descriptions of particular dishes) can aid a potential customer in deciding they want to dine at your establishment.

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