Sign Design

Written by Charles Peacock
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Too many businesses overlook the importance of sign design. Many feel they can take care of the job in-house, and they end up with drab signs that hurt their business instead of helping it. If you're in the market for new signs, it really pays to hire a professional who can help you make your business stand out.

Types of Sign Design

Graphic artists know secrets about signs that you probably never would have thought of. For instance, there are particular colors that are known to work better for specific kinds of businesses or products. In other cases, using a certain color can be the kiss of death (because people subconsciously associate it with something bad or something very unlike what you're selling).

Graphic designers also know how to make a sign attractive to the eye. They can keep it uncrowded, and can even draw people's eyes to elements that you think are particularly important. Many homemade signs look crowded and confused. Professionally made signs look calm, impressive and even beautiful.

There are all sorts of signs you can use for your business: store front signs, window signs for special sales or products, advertisements and even fold-up sidewalk signs. No matter what type of sign you are interested in, a professional graphic designer can help you design it. Another advantage of using a designer is that they can help you create a consistent look from one sign to the next, no matter where you place them.

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