Sign Systems

Written by Charles Peacock
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Signs are a part of our culture. I've always admired their artistry, collecting street signs and advertisements since I was a kid. Whether or not you pay much attention to them, they are an integral part of our lives-and a crucial part of the world of commerce.

Using Signs to Improve Your Business

Signs are the best--and most direct--way of advertising your business. Any storefront needs a good sign to lure in potential customers. An attractive storefront sign lends credibility to your operation, letting people know that you care about your business and your customers. It's also a kind of welcome mat that can give people a good feeling before they enter your shop.

Too many people rely on standard-looking signs for their businesses, whether it's the storefront variety or a billboard advertising your products or services. When purchasing signs for your business, it's important to remember that the more thought you put into the sign, the more likely it is to make an impression on people and thereby generate more business.

The best way to guarantee yourself good effective signage is to work with a graphic designer when you're putting a sign system together. Professional designers can help you create an attractive, effective logo that you can use on your storefront and all of your advertisements. Using a consistent design and theme throughout your sign system helps customers remember who you are. This in turn will help you retain old customers and attract new ones at the same time.

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