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Written by Charles Peacock
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In just a few short years, website design has become a crucial factor for virtually every business--no matter how large or small. Some small businesses continue to resist putting a website up, but the reality is that it's an incredibly cheap and incredibly effective way of advertising and promoting your business. In addition, many Internet-savvy consumers (myself included) would in many cases not even bother giving their business to a company that didn't have a website. It's simply that important.

Designing Your Website

There's really no excuse for not having a website for your business. It costs almost nothing to have a single page up on the web with contact information and some sort of short description of your business. If you don't have a substantial budget, you can probably even take care of most of the work yourself. Keep in mind, however, that homemade looking websites no longer make a good impression on customers.

No matter what your budget may be, it pays to hire a professional designer to help you with your website. This doesn't have to be expensive--there are plenty of talented freelance designers out there who can build you a great website at a very low cost. The key is to shop around. If you don't like the quote you were given, go to someone else and see if they can do what you need for what you'd like to pay.

The great thing about a website is once it's up, it costs almost nothing to keep it there. There are no monthly advertising fees, no maintenance is required (assuming you don't need to regularly update it) and it gives your customers an easy and efficient way to learn about your products and services. Using a professional designer will also help you build a website that has a consistent look and feel with your current logo, signage and advertisements.

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