Best Home Based Businesses

Written by Robert Mac
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The best home based businesses for you are probably not the best home based businesses for me. There is no magic company that will turn each of its owners into millionaires overnight; it's not that simple, and if it were, we'd all be doing it already. Just as entrepreneurs are different, businesses are different, too, and each potential owner has to decide what their ideal business will be.

What Are the Best Home Based Businesses for Me?

Just keep asking yourself questions: what do I want to do for the rest of my life? What can I tolerate for 80 hours a week? What are my strengths? What is my background? What are my hobbies? What do I like? If you plan to run a successful company, you better know something about it--and enjoy it, too.

It's that simple: If you don't like phones, for instance, starting a telemarketing business is just not wise. Don't fall for marketing that claims to have the best home based businesses--unless you made the ad, they don't know what sort of company you want to run. Previous job experience, college studies, and long-time hobbies each provide you with knowledge--a specialty, if you will--that is a strong foundation to build a business on.

I run a very small business from my home; it's not particularly successful, but since I enjoy the subject (it's about Gold Rush history), I'm able to keep doing it. In fact, while most small businesses fail--about 95 percent of them don't reach their fifth birthdays--the exception is home based businesses; after three years, about 85 percent of them are still in operation. The most successful businesses are those with enthusiastic owners willing to make them succeed.

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