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Written by James Lyons
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The other day a close friend of mine complained about the lack of business opportunities. He believes the current economy has devoured the ability for average Americans to do business. The most common excuse for not starting a new business is money and for good reason. Starting your own business often requires enormous amounts of capital. Most new businesses don't realize a profit for at least three years.

Actually, most new businesses fail within their first year. In fact, about 90 percent of all new businesses don't see the second year. Those numbers alone prevent people from opening their own business or starting their own home based business. The latter, home based businesses, is a vastly expanding phenomenon sweeping the world landscape. The idea of reducing one's commute to a few footsteps is enough to attract most people.

Home Based Business Opportunities

Twenty years ago home based business opportunities basically meant you ran a bakery out of your home or ran a restaurant in your house. I'm exaggerating, but the concept was a bit different back then. Today, with the Internet finding its way into millions and millions of home, home businesses are popping up by the thousands on a daily basis. Normal people with bad credit are becoming legally recognized business owners.

A number of home based operations are exploiting the brokerage business. This business can pay you a whole lot of money in a short period of time. In addition, parent companies are providing all the support and education and assuming most of the risk. In fact, a number of these parent companies do a big portion of the work for their independent representatives.

These independent representatives get to enjoy all the tax benefits of 1099 income. It's the best tax shield on the planet. Home based business opportunities pose so many advantages beyond income potential. With soaring gas prices, how would you like to reduce your commute to 20 feet? Would you like to set your own hours? Would you like to work for yourself? Would you like to enjoy all the tax benefits of business ownership?

Current Business Opportunities on the Internet

You have to be open-minded and careful at the same time when examining business opportunities on the Internet. Some business opportunities claim you can earn $10,000 a week if you shell out two thousand dollars of your own money. While I'm sure there are people earning that kind of money, it's probably the people collecting your two thousand dollars.

On the other hand, there are perfectly legitimate business opportunities available on the Internet that will allow you to work out of your own home. Some of you might have some trepidation about the learning process of starting a home based business. Lucky for you, a few opportunities exist for those of us looking for the simpler things in life.

Note brokerage is rapidly becoming a popular home based business choice. This involves the brokering of structured court settlements, annuities, owner financed mortgage notes, and lottery payouts. Essentially, people want a lump sum of money now instead of receiving it in small increments over time. Note brokers provide that service and collect a handsome commission. Both parties win and both stand a better chance at building long-term wealth.

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