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Written by Robert Mac
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Business opportunities are around every corner; it just takes the entrepreneur with the right eye to see them. Ray Kroc, for example, saw a small restaurant that a pair of brothers ran like an assembly line. He saw the potential of the business, bought it, and even kept the brothers' name: McDonald's. Now McDonald's are around every corner.

There are plenty of other business opportunities that are ripe for the picking; they just need to find the right partner. A business and a business owner have to get along just like a husband and wife because they are a team. If the match isn't right, there could be a rocky relationship ahead--maybe even a divorce.

Business Opportunities Become Realities with the Right Partners

Take a look at Tupperware, or Mary Kay Cosmetics. Those are examples of business opportunities that succeeded and became business models. Why? Simple: there was a great fit between the business and the operators. These businesses made it because the women who ran the Tupperware parties "fit" with the lifestyle of their products.

Can you picture a withdrawn teenager or an absent-minded professor showing a group of ladies the advantages of the latest Tupperware products? Of course not--they don't match the product line. And even if they did, who'd feel comfortable buying something from them? The match between product and seller is crucial.

A Word about Network Marketing

Tupperware, Mark Kay, Avon, and Amway have all turned business opportunities into success stories through network marketing. This type of marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, relies heavily on recruitment. Amway salespeople not only make money through their sales, but by the sales of people they've recruited. Everyone in the network shares in this residual income.

Some people have corrupted the business opportunities of network marketing by creating pyramid schemes. Network marketing is a legitimate way of making money for yourself and others--sometimes lots of it--but pyramid schemes are illegal. The FTC recommends investigating any business that you suspect may be operating illegally, and proceeding with extreme caution. For these schemes to work, someone has to get ripped off.

Are Some Business Opportunities Better for Me Than Others?

When it comes to finding the right business opportunities, people sometimes want to hear the easy answers; unfortunately, there aren't any secret companies that will turn you into Donald Trump overnight. However, there are a number of recommendations that business experts suggest; they won't make every opportunity a hit, but they'll put the odds in your favor. Since most new businesses fail, you want every advantage you can get.

First, pick a business, networking plan, or franchise that you have some knowledge about--running a business you know nothing about is a plan for failure. Also, make certain it's something you enjoy--you'll be doing it for a while (especially a lot of it at first) and you need to maintain your enthusiasm. Starting there will head you in the right direction. Remember, it takes time, work, and luck to turn an opportunity into a reality--but it's possible.

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