Court Settlements

Written by James Lyons
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Thousands of court settlements occur every single day. The United States is a litigious culture, which basically means we like to sue one another. There are thousands of people out there receiving payments month after month and year after year. Much like the lottery, a number of these people receiving money from a successful lawsuit want a lump sum rather than a fixed income stream.

As I've mentioned several times before, your money is worth more today than it will be worth in ten years. In ten year a dollar might buy you half of one 12 ounce soda. In addition, sometimes people need a chunk of money today so they can pay their child's tuition or put a down payment on a home. Court settlements represent an excellent revenue source for note brokers

Court Settlements Make a Lucrative Business

Like most Americans, I think too many people are suing one another. Those lawsuits that have already been settled, however, pose an interesting business opportunity. Court settlements are typically disbursed over a period of time. For instance, if I sued a car company for negligence and won, I might receive several thousand dollars a month over a designated period of time.

Being a wealth conscious person, I know that the dollar decreases in value over time. Therefore, I would take steps to get as much of the settlement today. The more I have now, the more I can invest for tomorrow. Money begets money and I would intelligently take a lump sum now over a fixed annuity. It doesn't make any sense to do otherwise.

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