Distribution Of Wealth

Written by James Lyons
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The United States and other developed countries need to examine distribution of wealth. Did you know that three percent of the United States population accounts for about 90 percent of the wealth? That means that 97 percent of the population makes 10 percent of the money. Does that seem right? In the land of opportunity, how does this happen?

Up until recently, average Americans did not stand much of a chance. There are plenty of jobs out there for those who want to be overworked and underpaid, but few opportunities for those who want to have time and money in a joint relationship. The options were employee or owner, the latter requiring a ton of risk and very little chance at success. The distribution of wealth remained constant.

The Distribution of Wealth Is Beginning to Shift

The late 1990's saw the explosion of the Internet and the making of thousands of millionaires with the "dot-com" boom. Kids in their early twenties were making millions fresh out of business school. This explosion in grow eventually fizzled out and a number of people lost everything. However, the residue of that revolution still exists today and a number of online business opportunities still linger.

Home business opportunities will create a huge shift in the distribution of wealth in this country. People will always work harder for themselves than a boss or a supervisor. If a home business proves lucrative enough, employees will start becoming home business owners, and home business owners are typically more savvy about their money. The distribution of wealth will gradually spread to more and more people, shrinking the middle class.

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