Easy Home Based Businesses

Written by Robert Mac
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Easy home based businesses sound easy enough, but the name is a little misleading. No business is completely easy; it takes an investment of time, energy, and money to get a business up and running--then it's easy. Home based businesses are advantageous because the eliminate many overhead expenses that businesses based outside the home have to pay.

Starting your own business is an exciting adventure; I've been there and know many of the ups and downs. I started a walking tour business five years ago and it's still going; 95 percent of small businesses fail before they turn five. The exceptions are businesses in the home; after five years, only 15 percent of them have called it quits.

Easy Home Based Businesses Put the Odds in Your Favor

Statistically, you will do much better to work at home: rather than rent an office (or worse--buy a building), you can work out of your home and save rental and overhead expenses. While you may have to add another phone line at home, it's usually cheaper to do it there than establishing a brand new service elsewhere. (Here's a tip: get a cell phone as a business line and it's easy to work on the road, too.)

But what kind of business is easy? Home based businesses that incorporate network marketing are pretty easy once you've established a network of distributors or other co-workers. They bring in passive money; commissions, franchise fees, or other residuals keep coming in after you've set up the business. What's easier than that?

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