Written by Jen Nichol
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A job in exporting is an exciting way to experience the world of global commerce, on a scale that can be easily managed from a home office. By working with an established franchise in the area of import export wholesale merchandise, you can start a home based business without having to start from scratch. Exporting provides many opportunities to work from your own home, using a personal computer, phone, and fax machine.

There are many successful home based businesses that are thriving in the world of international merchandise. Most goods are traded between nations, and this trading is what provides such great and exciting opportunities to work from home. By using your personal computer to facilitate such trades between merchants, you can create a lucrative business.

Exporting Is a Lucrative Home Based Business

Everyone, no matter who they are, needs goods. These goods are exchanged in the global marketplace, between buyers and sellers of wholesale merchandise. You can work right from your personal computer with these merchants to facilitate the transactions.

A home based business in the world of importing and exporting is an exciting way to enter the stream of global commerce. You can be a vital link in the wholesale merchandise trade process. All you need is a home office and a little enthusiasm, and you can be running your own home based business in wholesale merchandise.

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