Financial Independence

Written by Robert Mac
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Financial independence is a dream for many and a reality for a few. Why can't we be one of those few? What do they have or do differently than we do that gave them financial independence? And, more importantly, can we be financially secure, too? In the abstract, anything is possible, but there are some concrete answers that can steer you in the right direction.

Many people who have found financial independence have worked outside the box, and I mean the box that's the office cubicle. Working for someone else has a lot of perks--the stability of a regular paycheck, easy work, no tough decisions--but if you want to become independent of that system, you'll have to work for yourself.

Financial Independence Starts at Home

One of the best ways to financial security is operating your own business, and the most successful start-ups are home-based. Think about it: little overhead, no lost travel time, no suits or uniforms or dry cleaning or power lunches or ... you get the picture. Of all small businesses, the ones with the lowest failure rate, about five percent a year, are those cultivated at home.

Now that you've got the place, what is the business going to be? Here, you have more options: come up with something new (creatively rewarding, but hard to pull off) or work with a pre-existing winning formula (much easier, but you probably can't put your name on the label). Buying a business, franchising one, or working with network marketers are ways you can purchase, lease, or share a winning formula--and become independent.

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