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Written by Jen Nichol
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Many people want to find a franchise that will let them work at home in a viable, successful home based business. The import export industry is providing opportunities for many such franchises to be successful. Now that business has gone global, it's a good business to be in.

Most people, these days, have personal computers, telephones, and fax machines. This means that the average home office is as wired as one in a corporate setting. Right from home, using a personal computer, a person can coordinate and facilitate transactions in wholesale merchandise, without ever having to handle the merchandise.

Find a Franchise Online

When a seller of wholesale merchandise gets into contact with a wholesale buyer for his goods, the goods are sent directly from the warehouse to the buyer. This makes the import export business ideal for home based business. All a person needs is a home office and a bit of enthusiasm.

There are resources out there to help you get started. This is the great thing about the ability to find a franchise; you are building upon a tried-and-true platform that was created by the pro's who know wholesale merchandising inside and out. They have an interest in helping you get started, so that you can create a thriving home business in the world of import export wholesale merchandise.

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