Home Based Business Ideas

Written by James Lyons
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Have you ever had a friend or a family member approach you with home based business ideas? I certainly have. I did not see a great deal of value in most of these opportunities. I'm not saying they didn't work. I'm simply saying these specific opportunities were not for me. I don't like selling things especially to friends and family.

If you have a history in direct selling and enjoy it, there are a million different home based business ideas on the Internet. A number of great companies offer remarkably generous compensation plans that could change the landscape of your life. However, I like the idea of people calling me if I have a business. I like the idea of creating value an having a customer come to me.

Some Great Home Based Business Ideas

There are some brokerage businesses available for people who don't like partaking in the "hard sell." Simplicity and brilliance are first cousins in the world of business. The more complicated something gets, the less interested I get. The brokerage business as it relates to mortgage notes, structured court settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings is a very cut and dry, embarrassingly simple business.

It's simple but it isn't easy. Finding clients is the most difficult part of the brokerage business. That's why you need to partner with a company that will teach you how to find people, a company that will teach you how to attract people. How the money is made is somewhat easy to understand. Getting customers in such a saturated market is the true challenge. There are some great home based business ideas ready to be seized.

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