Internet Brokers

Written by James Lyons
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Some internet brokers remind me of gunslingers in the Wild Wild West. In fact, the Internet reminds me of the Old West because it's a fertile ground for people to make money, both legally and not so legally. In any event, internet brokers are popping up on the web every day because they understand that supply and demand tips towards the brokers.

Regardless of the economy, there will always be a need for brokers, especially note brokers. I think you'll agree, in spite of how bad the economy is people will always sue each other, people will always win the lottery, and people will always sell houses. Americans want their money now and note brokers make that happen.

Internet Brokers and Current Trends

I think it's safe to say that the Internet is not a trend. In fact, I think we have seen the birth of a new utility. If you don't have the Internet in your home, you are behind the curve and putting yourself at a disadvantage. The Internet is allowing people to run their lives from their homes, freeing up time for all those wired in and looking to do more important things with their days.

The Internet is the Tigris and Euphrates of the business world. Those of you who do not understand that metaphor should get online and order a world history book. I simply mean the Internet is a fertile place for people to do business. I know a number of internet brokers who run their brokerage businesses from their homes and rarely put on anything more formal than sweat pants and slippers. Many of them make six figure incomes and work far less than 40 hours a week. The Web has turned brokers into internet brokers and consequently into happy people.

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