Legitimate Home Based Businesses

Written by James Lyons
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Legitimate home based businesses are hard to come by these days. There are a number of pyramid schemes out there that promise thousands of dollars a week. Watch out for these companies. In addition, there are a number of wonderful network marketing companies that have to endure the bad press created by unethical companies. Please, do not confuse network marketing with pyramid scheme. The latter is illegal.

There also exist a number of other legitimate home based businesses that are not network marketing companies. A number of these business brokerage opportunities are practically worthless, many of which are designed to separate you from your money. However, there are some great companies out there with real potential.

Legitimate Home Based Businesses on the Internet

The Internet is like the Wild Wild West. People are ripped off and taken advantage of every day on the world wide web. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. One of the blessings the Internet brings is access to business opportunities and a medium with which to promote your business. It's important to be careful, but people such as myself have performed most of the research so you don't have to do it.

As I mentioned earlier, you will find literally thousands of business proposals on the Internet. However, which ones are legitimate home based businesses and which ones are scams. Look at how much they cost and look at their philosophy. Look at the value they place on training and support and research their reputation. There are a number of different publications and organizations that rate home based businesses.

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