Legitimate Work From Home

Written by Robert Mac
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Legitimate work from home sure beats the other kind--fraudulent work from home. But some people are easily duped. Pyramid schemes, for instance, come and go because some people use wishful thinking instead of critical thinking and get caught in the scam. For people to make money in a pyramid scheme, others have to get ripped off.

Living off Legitimate Work from Home

There are a number of other illegitimate ways to make money from your home, but at any time, your world can unexpectedly crash. That's no way to live. However, there are a number of ways that you can live--and even thrive--off legitimate work from home. A lot of depends on how determined you are.

First, consider why you want to work from home in the first place. Do you have children or parents that need assistance? Do you hate your commute, or your boss? Or are you tired of being a pawn in the working world and want to become a king? Finding the right legitimate work from home can address many of these scenarios.

Telecommuters work from home, but they still have a boss; free-lancers work at home, too, but are always looking for work-and they have many bosses. Starting a business at home makes you the boss, and it gives you scheduling flexibility and other perks from the work-at-home lifestyle. While being a boss of your own business is challenging, it can become very successful--and it's totally legitimate.

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