Make Money From Home

Written by Robert Mac
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Make money from home the old fashioned way--through the Internet. At some point in our future, the Internet will be considered an established part of our culture, economy, and society in general, but for now it's still finding its footing. As we continue to progress through the Information Age, there will be more and more ways for every person--not just data-information specialists--to make money from home.

Who Can Make Money from Home?

Who can't work from home? Think of all the people who already earn a living out of their homes: self-employed, telecommuters, free-lancers, writers, artists, consultants, and many web-based employees. And as we shift from a production-based economy to an information-based one, even more people will be able to work from home. The future promises a lot of home-based employment.

But what if you want to make money from home now? There are plenty of ways today to earn a buck or a million from your house. Starting a new business or joining an existing successful business operation are two ways of creating income without having to leave home. Each has its advantages. Starting your own business is a challenge--you have to create a product or service and make the public understand why it's better than another--but creates a great sense of accomplishment.

Franchising or buying another proven company isn't as creative, but it generally has a higher success rate than starting your own business: someone else has done all the leg work and worked out the bugs. All you have to do is follow their business plan and share in the wealth. And if you have the right business--plus some luck--the only time you'll leave home is to take wonderful vacations.

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