Mlm Business Opportunities

Written by Robert Mac
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MLM business opportunities--or Multi-Level Marketing business opportunities--are just as common as they were a few decades ago when multi-level marketing hit the scene. However, today they are tainted: a few rotten apples have spoiled it for many. While most MLM business opportunities are perfectly legitimate, the practice has a stigma about it.

Here's one success story: Mary Kay Cosmetics. Informal, face-to-face (and friend-to-friend) marketing and distribution--plus those big pink cars--are the hallmarks of Mary Kay, which is still going strong. And there are many other similar stories of people turning MLM business opportunities into realities. Sadly, this marketing became so successful that some people began cheating the system.

Don't Support Illegal MLM Business Opportunities

We've all heard of pyramid schemes, but how do they work? Very similarly to MLM plans, unfortunately. While there are laws in place that dictate how MLMs have to operate to stay legitimate, they are broken often. And the costs can be devastating: people lose anything from their initial investment ... to everything. This is why it's called a pyramid: the few at the top are supported by the many at the bottom.

Both MLMs and pyramids require people to recruit other distributors, and they, in turn, recruit others. A distributor makes commissions for every sale of goods, plus they earn commissions when their recruits sell something, too. It goes all way down the line. There are ways to cheat this system, though, and this is why you have to be extremely cautious when offered an MLM opportunity.

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