Money Making Opportunities

Written by Robert Mac
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Money making opportunities are everywhere for the perceptive entrepreneur. As long as the conditions are right--that the match between business and business owner is a good one--then the entrepreneur can turn money making opportunities into money making realities. The secret, though, is finding the perfect fit.

Avon and Mark Kay Cosmetics are examples of successful network marketing--money making opportunities that work--because the marketers are ideal spokespeople for those businesses. They are predominantly women who sell makeup to their female friends, neighbors, and business associates. It works because the lifestyle of the marketers fits the product lines.

Finding Appropriate Money Making Opportunities

Experts in small businesses say it loud and clear: you have to fit with your business if you want to make it work. That's why you don't see tattooed weightlifters selling makeup for Avon--they just don't match. The first rule of making money is finding a profession, hobby, or field that you know something about--this will make your job enormously easier.

Also, and this is just as important, you have to be interested in the product. You could be the world's expert on bug spray and know everything about it, but if you are sick and tired of the stuff, you won't be able to sell any; people will be able to read your indifference. That's an opportunity that won't become a reality. People have found opportunities that aren't exactly up their alley, and eventually they came to have a better understanding and appreciation for it, but if you want a more immediate income, stick with what you know.

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