Network Marketing Opportunities

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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If you are looking for a way to make money without investing much time and money, network marketing may be an opportunity for you. Network marketing encompasses a wide range of different products and services, and is increasingly conducted online. Although the payment plans vary, it usually involves getting a commission for finding customers for a business as well as finding other recruiters to find customers.

The idea of network marketing has been around since long before the rise of the Internet. If I am a real estate mortgage lender, I might make several thousand dollars in commission for one mortgage deal on a new house. If you happen to have a brother that is interested in buying a home and you send him to me, I might pay you a commission for the referral. In this way, both sides are happy--I am doing a service by providing your brother with something he already wants, and you are happy because you've received a commission for advice on where to go.

Internet Network Marketing

Of course, network marketing has become much more complex with the emergence of e-business and commerce. Many websites offer top rate products at secure locations. They already provide known goods, have established themselves as reputable businesses, and cover customer service management and administrative costs. However, they may not be getting very many customers.

As websites are becoming more complex it is becoming easier to track the movements of users through various portals. Through cookies and IP addresses, even a novice can determine exactly where a customer came from online, and what led them to the site that they ordered a given product or service off of.

This is how giant search engines such as Google make their money, in fact--every time someone types keywords into a search engine, clicks on a result website, and orders a product, that company owes Google a percentage commission. Considering the popularity of search engines, it is easy to see how this is worth millions. By taking a much smaller portion of that pie and redirecting customers to an already existing business, you might be able to earn a six figure income yearly. For certain types of pyramid based network marketing residuals, the income can be higher than that.

Types of Network Marketing

There are several different types of commission strategies that may be considered network marketing. Affiliate sites, for example, usually provide you with a template for a website, that you then register. Customers will click through your site and when ordering anything will click through to the company form. Any time your website is where the customer came from, you will receive a percentage commission on the order.

Basic network marketing usually involves several investors putting their money into marketing a product. By pooling their resources and expanding their customer service base, they are better able to handle a larger volume. Beyond that, many will possess technological knowledge such as search engine optimization or writing of content that will provide better results than if one operated alone.

There are almost as many different varieties of network marketing opportunities as there are businesses that use it. Most take very little work if one is able to find customers quickly and effectively, and the base business deals with the rest. For a way to make money from home or to free yourself from the shackles of traditional linear incomes, this may be worth looking into.

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