New Business Opportunities

Written by James Lyons
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If you made it to this website, you probably had the impulse to look at new business opportunities. If that's the case, there is probably a reason or set of reasons that brought you to this point. Living from paycheck to paycheck and reporting to a boss grows a little irritating over time. In traditional business, someone else decides how valuable your time is and how much vacation time you should have.

Did you ever think about traditional business in that way? Other people essentially stamp your back with numbers they come up with and you graciously acquiesce. Sally, you are worth $10 an hour. Jim, you are worth $12 an hour. You can only get sick five times a year and take personal time for your family twice a year. You have 10 days of vacation time, but you can't take it around the holidays.

New Business Opportunities Abound

The barriers for starting your own business are much lower than you think. At one point, I wanted to open my own boutique consulting firm, but did not want to assume the risk of failure. Now, fear of failure is no reason to stop pursuing your dreams. In fact, most successful business owners experience over three business failures on their way to success. Keeping that in mind, I decided to try and raise the money.

Solid new business opportunities are few and far between. After I decided to try and raise the money, I realized the capital was not available to me. My credit would not allow me to take out the type of loan I would need. As a result, I looked at some other feasible new business opportunities and came across a brokerage business that would allow me to pursue other things in my life, while building wealth on the side. I had no background, but the company I partnered with placed a premium on my support and education.

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