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Information is an extremely valuable commodity, and companies will pay good money to get it from consumers. Many companies pay market research firms to find out what people think of their products and services, in an effort to tailor their products to consumer desires. Research companies, in turn, pay participants for their opinions.

Make Money with Paid Surveys

Often, the first question people have about paid surveys is, do they in fact pay? The short answer is yes, they do. The long answer is a bit more complicated. While many paid survey offers are legitimate, there are several that are scams. Separating the good offers from the bad can take patience, but by learning the difference between legitimate and false opportunities, you can actually earn extra money doing surveys.

Surveys can concern just about anything under the sun. Companies pay individuals for their opinions on everything from crunchy peanut butter to internet banking. Questions typically include topics such as public opinions on the level of service provided by a particular company, ratings on the value of the products or service, and reactions to the company's marketing strategies.

Some companies offer other types of incentives in lieu of or in addition to cash. These incentives include, but are not limited to, gift cards, charitable donations, coupons, and merchandise. Most survey companies will offer one or more incentives as a reward for participating in a survey. Some companies offer sweepstakes entries as the incentive for participating in surveys, while others offer points that can be accumulated and used to "purchase" a prize of some sort.

You may have noticed an advertisement that claims the average person can get rich doing paid surveys. These advertisements are often backed up by testimonials from people claiming to have made incredible sums of money. While anything is possible, and a few people have managed to make a reasonable living doing paid surveys, the vast majority of people who participate in market research surveys make a little extra money, not millions of dollars. Some people, however, have managed to make larger amounts of money by referring other people to participate in surveys, or by operating survey related websites.

Good Supplemental Income

The amount of money you make doing surveys depends on a number of factors, including the number of survey companies you choose to sign up with, how many offers you actually accept, and your demographic details. In most cases you can make enough to pay for some fun outings, buy gas for your car, or even pay a bill or two. However, you may find surveys that offer upwards of $100 in compensation for your opinions. If you work diligently and persistently to look for and participate in legitimate paid surveys, you may even make a decent part time income.

There are many ways to find companies that offer paid survey opportunities. Conduct an internet search and you will find hundreds of websites with various survey related offerings. You can also find survey opportunities in the classified section of many newspapers and magazines.

Your views and ideas are valuable. Participating in paid surveys can be a fun way to make extra money. Getting paid to offer your opinion on new products and services before they hit the market, or receiving an incentive for describing how you think an existing product could be improved, can be quite enjoyable.

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