Work At Home Jobs

Written by Robert Mac
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Work at home jobs are more popular than ever. In fact, a new one is created every 10 seconds. The American dream of owning your own business is easier in an information-based economy than a production-based one; you can't run an assembly line at home, but work at home jobs that process information rather than materials, like a website, are very easy to set up and maintain.

One advantage of work at home jobs is the growth potential. You can start at the pace and scale you can afford and grow the business in controlled steps. Starting with too much or growing too quickly overwhelms small companies, causing them to fail. A business plan that details incremental growth and offers strategies to foster that growth makes for a more successful business.

The Popularity of Work at Home Jobs

Working at home is the place to be--more than 8,000 home-based businesses start every day in this country. And with the rise of the Internet and information-based companies and services, this number will continue to climb. Even non-technology workers, such as artists or lawyers, can work at home and use the Internet for marketing.

Thanks to those fancy computers, entire industries are now de-centralized. For example, I can work anywhere with a electrical outlet and a phone jack; for many data-processing or information-based jobs, it's easier to work at home than a centralized office. Working at home saves overhead and travel expenses, too, and allows for more flexibility in scheduling.

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