Abra Hr

Written by Serena Berger
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Abra HR is a stand-alone part of the Abra Human Resources Management Software Suite. If you don't want to invest in the full functionality of the Suite, you may find that Abra HR is still worthwhile for you. This software focuses on benefits programs, and enables you to manage and administrate benefits with greater ease.

Abra HR has a Window XP interface, so most businesses find it easy to integrate into their operations. Employees--especially those familiar with the basics of the benefits program that your company uses--typically find Abra intuitive and easy to use. Unlike some software packages that are designed primarily for small companies or huge corporations, businesses of all sizes have successfully used Abra to streamline operations and save time.

Unique Functions of Abra HR

One of the primary features of Abra HR is that it can automate most of the major calculations that you have to make. Entering formulae into Excel to perform complex calculations can be time consuming and confusing for many employees. Abra HR can calculate premium and benefit costs for employees, families, and you at the click of a button.

Abra HR also comes with all of the forms that you will need for government reporting. Forms like State New Hire reports, Veterans Employment, and I-9 Citizenship Verification can require a lot of time online or on the phone with a bureaucrat trying to understand them if you don't have previous experience. Abra simplifies the process for you as well as allowing you to make mass updates, collect performance histories, and run accurate analyses of salary information.

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