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Written by Serena Berger
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Abra is one of the leading names in Human Recourses Management Software (also known as HRMS, or sometimes as HRIS). To understand why, start with their comprehensive checklists--this is a feature unique among most of the leading names in HRMS software. It's so easy for details to fall through the cracks when you have an inexperienced person working on HR administration or when your HR department is swamped and overworked. Abra offers unique checklists that keep this from happening, regardless of the surrounding conditions.

For example, in today's litigious society, it can often seem impossible to get rid of an employee whose performance is clearly sub-par. Many businesses choose to continue hiring temps in order to avoid the problems that come with hiring full-time administrative employees, who are often the least effective workers in a company. However, if you have the right records in the right format, you can feel more secure that you are accurately evaluating your employees' performances, and you can make decisions that will be right for your company.

Abra Software for Performance Reviews

First, the Abra software can be used to keep a database with accurate records on attendance. Then, you can use it to administer performance reviews. If you decide that you want to terminate someone's employment, you can then follow the checklist of the things you need to do to protect yourself and make the process as fair but expedient as possible.

Abra is also one of the most customizable programs on the market. Abra offers extensive customer service to help guide you through the process of customizing screens, fields, and functions. You can import data from many other programs and integrate any part of Abra into your entire HRMS system or get the entire Abra Suite, which in theory is all that most businesses will ever need for HR management.

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