Amano Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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One of the great things about Amano time clocks is that they have such a great variety of styles, and perhaps more importantly, prices. Amano makes everything from a nice standard electronic time clock all the way up to some very competitive computerized time clocks. If you're looking for a good time clock, Amano can be an excellent place to start your search.

On the electronic side of things, the Amano EX 9000 is a great little time clock. The EX 9000 has a semi-automatic printing feature, an adjustable card pocket and a built-in lithium back up battery. It also features dot matrix printing and weighs just under eight pounds.

If you're looking for a computerized time clock, Amano has several variations on the theme. Their MJR 8000 is a great stand alone computerized time clock that can manage up to 250 employees. It also has a backup battery that is good for up to 72 hours. This machine also has the ability to calculate regular versus overtime hours, it can adjust for daylight savings, and it will perform equally well for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay schedules.

Know Your Price Range

With this many choices at your disposal, making a final decision on a time clock system can be difficult. Having a set price range that you and your company are comfortable with can be very helpful when it comes to making a decision. Another important determining factor is how many employees the unit is going to be used for. It can be difficult to justify purchasing a system that handles 250 employees if you only have five.

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