Applicant Tracking

Written by Serena Berger
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HR departments at medium-sized and large companies are deluged with applicants for open positions listed on major job search sites. They often receive unsolicited resumes, as well, from people who would like to work there but have no specific job opening in mind. Hiring decisions are often harder than you would like them to be, and many company's hiring procedures are continually evolving in an attempt to find a way to get the best people into the jobs that are really right for them.

Many times the best person for a job is one who sent you a resume at some point in the past and could not be hired at that time. If you have a way of tracking applicants who have submitted resumes or online applications, you have a database at your fingertips from which you can cull a short-list of people to call for a recently vacated or created position. That way, when you need to make a new hire fast, you aren't at the mercy of choosing among the first few people who apply. You can get what you really want instead of simply the best of the first few people who come across a job listing.

Software for Applicant Tracking

Obviously, it would require a significant expenditure to have an HR staff to enter resume data into computerized files so that it can be searched whenever you like. A much better option is offering an online application process that is linked to a database and using software that can search the applications you receive for keywords. Application data may be automatically converted into a spreadsheet, or stored as documents that can be searched with relative ease.

You can also use HRIS software to track applicants in order to prevent legal problems. There are an increasing number of negligent hiring lawsuits, and you want to be able to prove that you hire people who are appropriately qualified for any positions in your company. You also need to be able to prove to the government (and sometimes to the public) that your interviewing and hiring practices are fair and legal. Application tracking software is an essential part of any HR solution to make sure you are protected.

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