Attendance Tracking Software

Written by Serena Berger
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One of the most common reasons for terminating employment is poor attendance. Employees will arrive late, leave early, abuse the privilege of personal days, or take extra-long lunches a little too often. There are any number of ways--from the blatant (skipping work altogether) to the less obvious (going out on an errand and consistently taking a bit longer than necessary)--that employees can abuse their privileges and cost you productivity and payroll that you shouldn't be spending.

Attendance tracking software is the most efficient way to get everyone on the same page and protect yourself as an employer from habitual truancy. Once you make sure that employees are aware of your expectations in terms of attendance, you can get a software package and customize it to save you time and protect your interests. Why hire someone to do a job that can be taken care of almost entirely by a sophisticated software program?

Have a Comprehensive Attendance Database at Your Fingertips

Ultimately, what you want is a database that can show you anything you need to know about an employee's attendance habits. First, you want a record of clock-in and clock-out times. You'll could choose to automate your time clock system so that the information goes directly into an employee's record as well as into a database every time he or she clocks in or out. You'll be able to check how often a given employee is late, by how many minutes he tends to leave early, or sort the database regularly for the top offenders.

You also need to track days that are taken off. Vacation days, sick days, personal days, and longer absences such as maternity leave all need to be tracked for legal reasons as well as personnel reasons. Payroll and benefits are often linked to the same system, which keeps track of this attendance information so that employees are properly compensated for their time off but cannot get away with any funny business.

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