Base Salaries

Written by Patricia Skinner
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While most potential employees will take a look at base salaries offered by a given company before they decide to proceed further, there are many different kinds of incentives that could end up outweighing the initial consideration of base salary. Many people nowadays are prepared to accept some sort of gainsharing deal, a share options deal or a more generous benefits package in return for less-than-perfect base salary arrangements.

Don't Rely on Base Salaries

Another attractive proposition that will make base salaries seem less disappointing will be the benefits offered including long term remuneration, or any kind of pension plan. Many individuals are seriously worried about their future, and any program that will help them provide for themselves and loved ones further down the road is likely to score a hit. Incentives in addition to base salaries are particularly important if you have a need for more skilled employees to further improve your business. Attracting the right personnel can be key to business success.

Sometimes, when employees are expecting their base salaries to go up, employers have to break the news to them that company finances just don't allow for it. This can hit employees hard, and they may have all been working very hard so they find it difficult to understand why there's nothing to show for all the hard work. A wise employer will take steps to introduce some kind of long term incentive under such circumstances.

This will have two effects. It will let employees know that things are improving and make workers a little less dissatisfied over the base salaries issue. It will also keep motivating them to continue with their all-out effort so that the company continues to grow and improve. Whatever your program of base salaries for employees, it's never too late to introduce long term incentive schemes to make the future seem a little brighter and offset any pressure that is due to present economic constraints.

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