Battery Powered Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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Sometimes people don't have jobs that are in buildings, or that are anywhere near a wall outlet for that matter. For companies that have on-site positions, or positions that don't happen to have access to an electrical outlet, but who still want to employ a time clock, there are some interesting options available to you. You just have to be prepared to do a little research.

Time clocks are preferred by businesses large and small the world over for a few great reasons. They are accurate, and they provide an easy way to manage payroll. Having all of your employees' hours on stackable and easy to read time cards can greatly speed up the payroll portion of the job.

Amano, a company known for its great selection of time clocks, also not surprisingly has a great DC powered time clock. The Amano PIX 21/DC is a great little time clock that simply plugs into an automobile lighter. Even though it is small and extremely portable, the PIX 21/DC has a variety of great features that help make it a very useful part of the payroll process.

You Need Not Sacrifice Quality

Just because you're looking for a portable, battery-operated time clock, doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice quality. The PIX 21/DC has a manual dot matrix printer, can be set for automatic daylight savings adjustments, and can even adjust for short months and leap years. Additionally, the PIX 21/DC has a backup battery, and an easy to replace ink ribbon. This little wonder is easy to set up, and weighs only four pounds.

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