Benefit Enrollment

Written by Serena Berger
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Administrating employee benefits is an essential part of effective HR management. Different employees may be enrolled in different benefits packages or take advantage of different offers from their employer, and you need to be able to track them all efficiently. If an employee becomes eligible for more benefits after having worked with you for a certain length of time or rising to a certain rank, you will also want a software package which automatically flags the files which could be updated.

Tacking Benefits for Former Employees

Retired employees may also receive benefits from your company. You want to be able to use the same basic software program to track pensions or health benefits for retirees, but be able to modify the administrative process as necessary. In some cases, benefits may automatically freeze or change once and then freeze when employees retire--so you still need a way to manage their benefits enrollments, but it probably won't be the same as it is for your current employees.

You are also subject to HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This legislation protects coverage for employees when they change or lose jobs. You can get software and support which help you make sure that you are HIPAA compliant.

If you have an interface that allows an employee to monitor his own benefits, you can save time and increase accuracy. Something as simple as making sure all employees know how to change their own emergency contact information can make your system run more efficiently. Employees should also be able to navigate a site easily to find out about the status of benefits--particularly mutual funds, company stocks, or those which may vary annually or be subject to variable interest rates.

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