Benefits Tracking

Written by Serena Berger
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Giving employees more control over tracking benefits is one of the best ways to streamline your operations. One thing that prevents some companies from adopting this solution, however, is the obvious concerns about giving employees access to a database which some of them might be tempted to abuse. A good HRIS software package will have options which give you peace of mind as well as saving you time and money and allowing your employees to be more involved in the process of benefits tracking.

Self-service Benefits Tracking

Self-service modules for employee data are available in many realms of administration. As early as the application process, they can computerize many forms which used to leave a lengthy paper trail. Personal information forms can be filled out by an applicant online, and then an HR staff member can be automatically notified that there is a new file to read. You can establish your own protocol for verification of information.

All files relevant to employee information or benefits tracking can be password protected and marked as read-only if you so choose. You can choose to permit employees to view their 401k information, personalized benefit statements, or personal action forms. You can mark employee reviews private, however, if you just want supervisors to be able to read them.

You can use the same self-service system for employees to make requests. Perhaps you have a financial system through which employees have clearance to make requisitions, and presumably employees must pass training and have clearance to use the system. That system can be integrated with your self-service HRIS software so that the speed of transactions increases, but you also have thorough records of how any particular employee is using spending privileges.

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