Business Planning Ideas

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the modern business planning ideas that companies and CEOs have begun to take note of is the fact that employee satisfaction can have a large impact on the performance of the company. The so-called soft metrics of business, such as employee interaction, motivation, focus, and satisfaction, are traditionally not measured by business indexes. They do, however, have a perceivable effect on company revenue and stock performance.

As such, consulting firms that assess a business's internal performance metrics, such as employee performance and program acceptance, have begun to grow popular as consultants for larger businesses. The assessment companies typically design and initiate in-depth surveys of employee attitudes, relationships, and motivation, producing a clear picture of the continuously changing corporate culture. By analyzing the resulting data, the assessment companies are able to make clear, actionable recommendations to their client businesses.

Three Methods of Generating Business Planning Ideas

In general, there are three primary methods that assessment companies use to generate new and improved business planning ideas. One of the most common is the employee survey, which is an electronically administered, confidential gauge of employee satisfaction. Employee surveys usually examine many aspects of the company culture, with the overall aim of discovering what effects employee performance, and how.

Assessment companies also use employee performance evaluations and program evaluations to develop reliable business planning ideas. Both performance and program evaluations are detailed studies of specific aspects of a company culture; performance evaluations are designed to measure an employee's performance within the context of their job description, and program evaluations are designed to measure the effectiveness of a corporate intervention compared to its purpose. The results of the studies often lead to increased understanding of how internal dynamics affect overall business performance.

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