Cincinnati Time Clocks

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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If you've ever looked into the world of time clocks, then you've noticed that there is quite a selection out there. There are a number of well-respected brand names that have been in business for decades. One of the popular and well-respected names in years past was that of Cincinnati.

Since then, the Cincinnati brand has gone out of business. However, many people still utilize their clocks, which are going strong. Since many companies still rely on Cincinnati time clocks, a few retailers are still carrying parts and supplies. However, you may want to stock up on these supplies, since there are fewer resources that make them available.

Time cards are the biggest need for most users. Each clock works with a different card, so matching up model numbers is essential. Most cards are sold in groups of 1,000, so the size of your workforce will likely dictate how many orders you will need. If you have the 10001 model, you're in luck, since this clock was designed to work with different styles of cards in order to give the user the option of pricing out a variety of different styles of time cards to find the most cost effective solution.

Where to Find Cincinnati Parts and Products

The second most requested Cincinnati product or part is the motor for the time clock. As with the time cards, you will need to be careful with matching up model numbers, since there are a number of different motors on the aftermarket. If you are unsure of what part you need, your best bet is to contact a time clock retailer. They will have the specialized knowledge that you need to find a specific component.

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