Company Assessment Information

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For any business, large or small, accurate and responsible company assessment information can rightly be the basis for many important business decisions. In many cases, assessment information can lead to hirings, promotions, and in some cases, firings. As all of these decisions can have drastic effects on the well being of companies (even large companies or government offices), it is important to have company assessment information that is as accurate as possible.

Employee performance assessments, a large subset of general business assessment information, are tools that measure the performances of employees in context of their jobs. In many cases, performance assessments take the form of surveys or questionnaires. The surveys, which are often customized by job-group or by the responsibilities of individual employees, are designed to measure employee ability (psychometrics) against hard metrics such as profitability.

The Role of Psychometrics in Company Assessment Information

Psychometric data is an important part of company assessments. Because measuring unquantifiable data can be difficult at best (and at worst, misleading and detrimental), businesses exist which provide analytical services in the form of accurate company assessment information for clients at any level. In many cases, such businesses act within strict standards and guarantee the validity of their work--a procedure that is important considering the effects that performance assessments can have at the employee level.

Performance assessments are often constructed to fulfill three major functions. They must first and foremost have a strongly defined business purpose. The must also be both reliable (or replicable) and viable, or provable. Without these three qualities, it is possible that an assessment may provide data that could lead to counterproductive business decisions.

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