Electronic Surveys

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the many business purposes that electronic surveys serve is to help businesses examine their employees' mindsets and attitudes, specifically in areas such as morale and motivation. Many companies have adopted a strategy of administering surveys annually in order to stay abreast of changes in employee satisfaction levels. Electronic surveys can also help companies evaluate company organization, programs, and the dynamics between departments or levels of hierarchy.

Developing Custom Electronic Surveys

There are companies that specialize in designing and initiating electronic surveys. Such companies understand that surveys may have a direct effect on the future of the business, and that poorly designed surveys can lead to ineffective measures and unsubstantiated changes. As a result, the employee surveys are designed to identify causal relationships between all aspects of business, including both data-driven metrics and psychometrics.

Some of the factors that electronic employee surveys address are employee thoughts about teamwork, cooperative efforts, leadership skill levels, and communication. The teams that develop the surveys also examine hard business metrics--numerical data such as unit revenue and staff attrition. By looking at both the hard and the soft data (employee attitudes, etc.), analysis teams can create a coherent picture of a business and recommend changes or adjustments as necessary.

Along with the results of the survey and a briefing that details them, the analysis teams often present a breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of the different departments of a business, as well as an analysis of the common and disparate beliefs among the business leadership. All of these analyses can be brought together to present the most accurate look at the business as possible. Typically, such surveys require four to six weeks to design and administer, though larger companies may require slightly more time for thorough analysis.

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