Electronic Time Stamps

Written by Mark Sanfilippo
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In the world of time clocks, time stamps represent the most basic of units. These are really very simplistic devices that do merely what their name implies. They stamp the time onto any thin surface that you can fit into their stamping mechanism. While some of these time stamps are completely mechanical, there are electronic models available.

The time clock company Simplex makes a very nice electronic time stamp model. Their Simplex Time Stamp 1605 plugs into any standard wall outlet, and will stamp the month, date and year. It has an automatic style stamping mechanism, which simply means that you just have to slide the time card into the 1605, and it does the rest.

The company Rapidprint also makes a nice time stamp model. They call theirs the Rapidprint AN-E Numbering Machine. It also plugs into any standard wall outlet, but theirs can be programmed to stamp any number up to six digits. You have the option of adding up to five additional number wheels. The Rapidprint also allows you to adjust the stamping pressure, in case you're dealing with a thick stack of forms.

Another option from Rapidprint is the AR-E--a wonderful example of the quality that they put into their products. This little machine prints automatically when paper is inserted into it. It can be plugged into any standard wall outlet, just like the AN-E, and it has an adjustable stamping force. Having the ability to adjust the stamping force is crucial for consistent stamping on surfaces that vary in thickness.

Electric Time Stamps Save You Energy

The big reason to invest in an electric time stamp versus a manual mechanical time stamp is that they can save you the added energy of manually stamping your forms. A nice electric time stamp will help you quickly stamp a pile of forms in a matter of minutes. You can find electronic time stamps, including the models that I've talked about, through most quality time clock specialists.

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