Employee Benefits Administration

Written by Serena Berger
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Employee benefits are becoming a crucial aspect of compensation. Your company needs to offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes healthcare coverage, significant time off, and a retirement plan in order to retain the best talent. It is not just enough, however, to offer benefits to your employees--they must be easily accessible and properly administered to be of any value.

One popular tactic for administering employee benefits is to hire a third party administrator. In fact, many companies will outsource tasks (such as benefits administration or payroll) that are not primarily related to their business. It may be more efficient to use another company for benefits administration as that company will be able to focus solely on this task and therefore may have a much better understanding of the area, allowing your company to focus on what it does best.

One employee benefit that is often outsourced is COBRA administration, which refers to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. This requires that employers continue to provide certain benefits, most often health care, for a period of time after an employee leaves the company. Given the stern penalties in place for companies that fail to provide proper coverage under the complexities of COBRA administration, some third parties may just focus on a single aspect of COBRA.

Software Can Help with Employee Benefits Administration

As an alternative to outsourcing your employee benefits administration, you can find software packages that are designed to aid in benefits administration. Such software can be used within your HR department to provide a safeguard against failing to comply with government regulations. Be sure that any software that you purchase to help with benefits administration is able to stay up to date with any changes in governmental regulations that might occur. If not, you may find yourself purchasing new software every few years, which is an unnecessary expenditure and can be highly problematic if you simply forget to do it at all.

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